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A Letter From Your Attorney

Dear Friend,

If you are considering bankruptcy as the solution to your debt problems, shouldn't you find out a few things first such as:

  • Do you qualify to file bankruptcy?
  • Will bankruptcy eliminate your debt problems?
  • Will filing bankruptcy make your situation worse?
  • Are there other solutions that will work better for you?

The only way to get the right answers to these questions is by having an experienced bankruptcy attorney completely review your situation and evaluate your options with you. We offer that to you for free!

If you want to know if bankruptcy might be right for you, but aren't sure if you should make an appointment to see an attorney, then use our Free Bankruptcy Evaluation! You'll speak directly with an experienced bankruptcy attorney about your situation. You'll discover whether bankruptcy might be a good solution for you and if you really need to sit down with a bankruptcy attorney.


Bill White
The Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney

Why Our Clients Choose Us

  • Meet With an Attorney, Not a Salesperson or Paralegal
  • Did you know that most bankruptcy law firms use paralegals or salespeople to meet with prospective clients? Not us! At the very first meeting, and from then on, you will meet with, and only deal with, the attorney that will handle your bankruptcy case from beginning to end. We believe that your questions and concerns deserve to be answered by a trained, experienced and knowledgeable attorney, not a paralegal.

  • An Attorney Handles Your Case, Not a Paralegal or Assistant
  • At many bankruptcy firms, and all paralegal companies, your case is completely handled by paralegals and assistants. Not us! When you hire Carswell Law to handle your case, your attorney handles all aspects of your case, from the initial interview to your discharge. Your attorney may use an assistant to help gather information, but not to do the legal work. You hired an attorney and you deserve to have an attorney do the work for you. Bankruptcy is too important to let a paralegal handle it.

  • The Attorney You Hired Goes With You to Your Hearing
  • Many bankruptcy firms hire outside attorneys to go to the trustee hearing with you instead of the lawyer you hired. Not us. The attorney you met with, hired, and have worked with from the beginning goes with you to the hearing. You won't see some unfamiliar face when you have to appear before the trustee or if you go to court. Really, who knows your case best? The attorney that has worked on your case from the beginning or a contract attorney hired to just appear at the hearing?


  • Sharon M., Tustin
    "Great job! Bill made our bankruptcy a breeze! He fought for us and kept us informed throughout the entire process. I can't recommend him highly enough!"
    Sharon M., Tustin
  • Debbie H., Bakersfield
    "Thank you so much! I so appreciate you helping my parents through a difficult time. Their bankruptcy case went through without a hitch thanks to your hard work. They are so much happier now that no one is calling and asking for money."
    Debbie H., Bakersfield
  • Albert L., Orange
    "What a relief! I am so glad that I hired you to handle our bankruptcy case. Everything went smoothly, and there were no glitches. We are debt free, and life is great! Thanks for all of your help."
    Albert L., Orange
  • Danny H., Huntington Beach
    "You are AWESOME!"
    Danny H., Huntington Beach

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