How Do You Choose a Lawyer?

Do You Know How to Pick the Right Lawyer?

What is the Right Lawyer?

The right lawyer is the one that handles your case the way you want it to be handled! Every person has different needs and expectations from their lawyer. Some people want a big law firm because they think that the lawyers must be better. Other people want a small firm because they believe that they will get better service. The problem with these beliefs is that they can both be true and both be false. The challenge is knowing when they are true and when they are false.

What Do People Really Want From Their Bankruptcy Lawyer?

In my many years of experience, I have found that almost everybody wants the attorney they hired to do the work they hired them for. Whether the client is a Fortune 500 and is hiring a large law firm, or the local mom-and-pop store on main street hiring the solo practitioner, they both want the lawyer they hired to handle their problem. Not some paralegal, secretary, assistant or another lawyer.

What Happens At a Lot of Bankruptcy Law Firms?

What many people don't know about the business of bankruptcy law is that many law firms don't have the lawyer in the advertising meet with you. The person you met with or hired is generally an assistant, paralegal, and sometimes a salesperson. If you do meet with an attorney at your first meeting, it is usually to just "introduce himself" to you so you can see that there really is an attorney in the office. This attorney will not do any of the work. At these firms, all of the work is done by paralegals, secretaries, outside services and outside lawyers. The lawyer that the person thought was being hired only shows up at the first meeting, or is never met and is only on the website or other advertising. If you don't ask the right questions, you don't find out until after you've hired them and paid your money. by then, it's too late for you to do anything other than starting over and paying another law firm.

What Questions Should You Ask?

  • Will I meet with the attorney in the advertisement?
  • Will that attorney be in the entire meeting?
  • Will I meet with someone other than an attorney at the first meeting?
  • How long will our first meeting take?
  • Will all of my questions be answered at the first meeting?
  • Who does all of the work in my case?
  • Who will answer my questions after I hire you?
  • Who will I meet with after I hire you?
  • Will the attorney I hired be the attorney that works on my case?
  • Will the attorney I hired go with me to the trustee hearing?
  • Will the attorney I hired go to court for me?
  • Will the attorney I hired handle everything during my case?
  • Is the attorney I hired available by phone?
  • Does the attorney I hired have malpractice insurance?
  • Does the attorney focus on bankruptcy?
  • Will all of my costs be explained before I make any decision?
  • Will I get the costs in writing?
  • Will I get all promises in writing?

The answers to the questions above will tell you how your case will be handled. You can then decide if that is how you want your case to be handled.